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Muntuit develops, advises and promotes
community currencies

Based in in Flanders and Brussels, community currencies are our means to realize the transition to a sustainable and participatory society, where local prosperity and happiness are central.

Muntuit sets communities in motion, connecting people and organizations across various sectors.

Community currencies value activities that are little or not yet valued today: community participation, neighborly help, or care for the environment. In short, a powerful way for citizens and communities to effectively tackle today’s social – environmental challenges, such as climate, environment, poverty, super-diversity, …!

  • We believe in “economics” as a form of collaboration between creative talents to achieve social goals.
  • We understand “money” as a set of rules of the game that we ought to change in order to encourage cooperation needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

To focus on the thrive of several pioneering initiatives that had initially been supported by FairFin, Muntuit was founded in 2017. Today, Muntuit is a recognized socio-cultural organization supported by the Flemish government. As a social innovator we develop and support community projects. As a learning network for community currencies we inform and inspire.

Money is an agreement within a community to use something as a means of payment or exchange. This means that the participants in that community can also make other agreements on how to value others and things.

Many community currencies are unique in Flanders but not in the world. There are no less than 4,000 projects worldwide. We share here our own projects and some inspiring examples from abroad.

Some examples
of what we do


Klavers is both a physical and a digital local currency that aims to support local businesses and associations in the country-side municipality of Lichtervelde. The project includes a practical experiment with a guaranteed income for 100 random citizens to examine its effects on people and economy. Next to that, by applying a principle of demmurage (negative interest) a common pot of money is created that citizens donate to local initiatives that work for the good of people and planet.


is a city coin in Sint Niklaas that has replaced city’s previous loyalty system in early 2022. Every Sint-Niklaas citizen who contributes to a better city - by buying locally, greening the city, volunteering... - can earn Sengzens and spend them at the participating partners in Sint-Niklaas.


(learning credits) is a pilot project of a mutual credit system to enhance learning among organizations in Flanders.


Superdelers is a project that has helped to set - up an eco-system for sharing tools or free time materials such as board games, camping equipment, office equipment, sports equipment, and so on in exchange for a small fee, or a local community currency TalentO (in Roeselare) and Buurtijd (in Antwerp).

European round-table

Co-Hosting an informal European round-table of community currencies practitioners, such as Bristol Pay (UK), Financité (BE), Possible Today Foundation (NL), Le Mouvement Sol (FR), Chiemgauer (DE), and more. There are several online meet-ups per year to exchange best practices from the field.


As a network for local currencies in Flanders we bring together pioneers, experts and believers to exchange knowledge and best practices. We share our expertise with interested actors and provide tailored guidance. Last but not least, we inspire a broader public with our variety of workshops.

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